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You're an adventurer with a magical lamp that can see through time! Dash through this ancient, dangerous maze and collect all the artifacts in the past and the present before the roof collapses - can you collect all 150 points worth?


  • WASD to move forward, back, left and right
  • Shift to sprint
  • Mouse to pan camera
  • Left mouse click to grab an artifact
  • Hold right mouse to activate your magical lantern
  • Space to jump


Lantern Run was made in a 2.5 day game jam at Balancing Monkey Games HQ in Dunedin. The goal for this internal game jam was to make a proof of concept for our third game. 

Emily pitched to Tom and Sam the idea of a gullible archaeologist being convinced by his evil boss to go through ancient ruins with his magical lantern to remove artifacts for "safe keeping". The level that you play through here is a very simple version of that idea.

Since it was made in such a short period of time, please expect bugs and things to be a little bit jank in some places. 


  • Sam Barham, programming and game design
  • Tom Garden, art and game design
  • Emily Latta, game design and sound design


"Ossuary 4 - Animate" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, and extract to the desired location on your PC. Ensure the .exe and _data folder are in the same location. Launch the .exe and enjoy!


Lantern Run.zip 114 MB

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